The Foundation

Greetings from Montserrat Torrent in the presentation of the Foundation.



This association was created with the sole purpose of collecting and promoting the work of our distinguished organist .


The aim of the Foundation is:


1- The completion of the Organ in Sant Felip Neri in Montserrat Torrent’s lifetime and it will take the name of Organ Montserrat Torrent as the best tribute we can all pay to her.

Work on the instrument will be divided into two phases:

. Middle case, console and Great organ with 7 stops Completion:                             October 2021

. Pedalboard, Great organ and En chamade division, Echo division Completion:   October 2022


2- Teaching program on the Montserrat Torrent Organ

. Collaboration agreement with educational institutions to hold organ classes.

. Master classes by Montserrat Torrent and other distinguished teachers.

. Organization of courses in the performance and interpretation of Baroque and Iberian    music.

. Creation of the Montserrat Torrent Scholarships.


3- Cultural programs with the Montserrat Torrent Organ

. Extension of the current cycle of concerts by the organist titulaire Bernat Bailbé.

. Inclusion of the organ in various musical cycles in the city and the country.

. Creation of the Montserrat Torrent International Organ Competition.


4- Preservation and promotion of the figure, work and documentation of Montserrat Torrent



The Foundation is made up of a board with people closely linked to Montserrat Torrent.

Each one performs a necessary task to achieve the aforementioned goals.


President of Honor

Montserrat Torrent



Ferran Colás



Joaquim Badia


Other members

Robert Baró

Bernat Cabré

Josep Caminal

Enrique Campuzano

Josep Maria Capdevila

Juan de la Rubia

Jaume Solé

Albert Torrens

Fundació Montserrat Torrent counts on support from Ajuntament de Barcelona-Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.