Montserrat Torrent

Montserrat Torrent is one of the most outstanding performers in our country. Her concerts have been –and still are– a reference point on the highest  level not only in their academic rigor by also in their warmth and musicality



In the 1960s she pioneered the rebirth of the organ at a time when it still suffered from  decadence after the Spanish Civil War, and especially, being a woman,  that meant she had to go against  preconceived expectations.  Having said that, years later her legacy is enormous. She has performed on countless instruments as well as having taught innumerable students.


Her distinguished career includes awards such as the “Creu de Sant Jordi”, the “Premi Nacional de Música” and a Doctorate  Honoris causa, but the most extraordinary thing about her at the age of 94 is that she continues to perform in public, she continues to make recordings around the globe. Truly a Prodigy of Nature. One that we can all still enjoy.